I don’t know why I started this! 

I think I am on most of the major social media sites at the moment and I find a lot of them to fast paced for my liking. So I sat down and thought why not start writing a blog and reading other blogs about the things I find interesting with out having a limit on characters or even on the length if the video that you can post. But I have been browsing some of the blogs that would normally take my interest and I have gained nothing from them, This is not to say that I don’t think the work that has gone into it is not good but I left with nothing. Does this make sense to anyone? 

Now I am debating wether I should have just brought a journal to jot my thoughts down in rather that set up a blog. 

But I have just remembered that I have some stuff to promote haha all music producers check out my Drum Kit via the link below.

My Drum Kit Store
it’s all FromTheSoul…