What is your purpose!

Do you believe that you are born with a particular purpose in life? Or do you create your own? 

Personally I’m not sure, I am in between both I think. It’s a shame because I believed for a while that one day I would wake up and have that light bulb moment and realise what my purpose is in life. I don’t think that’s how it works now though, I’m more swayed to believing that you have to try many different things until you work your way to your purpose. But what happens if you have ideas or dreams? 


I don’t know why I started this! 

I think I am on most of the major social media sites at the moment and I find a lot of them to fast paced for my liking. So I sat down and thought why not start writing a blog and reading other blogs about the things I find interesting with out having a limit on characters or even on the length if the video that you can post. But I have been browsing some of the blogs that would normally take my interest and I have gained nothing from them, This is not to say that I don’t think the work that has gone into it is not good but I left with nothing. Does this make sense to anyone? 

Now I am debating wether I should have just brought a journal to jot my thoughts down in rather that set up a blog. 

But I have just remembered that I have some stuff to promote haha all music producers check out my Drum Kit via the link below.

My Drum Kit Store
it’s all FromTheSoul… 


Release of my first Drum Kits for producers

I have recently released my first set of Drum Kits, One shot drum sounds and sound fx and a Drum Breaks Kit. I had the idea of doing this for around a year but I always put it off as I have done with many projects. But I am very proud to say that I have completed it and released it now! I am more pleased that I done the whole process my self, which makes ever download more satisfying.


The drum breaks kit has had some very good feedback already and it has only been out for around a week, This is a big plus because I always worry about the opinions of others, maybe to much haha.

If you are a music producer please take a look at my store http://www.sellfy.com/fromthesoulent there is 2 drum kits available on there, one is FREE and one is £5.99 but you will receive 50% off when you download the free drum breaks kit.

it’s all FromTheSoul…